Monday, July 1, 2013

Our API can help Travel or Local Recommendations websites and apps go wild!

We know that you want your recommendations to be the best of the best, and at Trippin’ in, we strive to give you that and more. The Trippin’ in API comes with a number of amazing features that will enhance the way your online users find and assess cool hangout spots.

Social Score/Ranking

We like to look at our "Social Score" as Google's Page Rank.  We aggregate any social reference to a point of interest (POI) and transform it into a social score. This feature gives you an unbiased ranking of the general public’s preferences based on an analysis of the social impact these places have on real people. The featured places are ranked by category (such as “Places to Eat”) or by cuisine (such as “Italian Restaurants”).


We have the ability to provide a weekly forecast of social engagement for any hour of the day for any given place. The "When" feature lets you know what places are trending and shows you the “heat levels” of every local business. This feature can either let you know the best time to go to a hotspot or tell you what’s hot at a certain hour of any day. 

Live status

Meant to increase your credibility while giving your users a sense of social media’s vastness, the “Stat” feature provides constantly-updated social stats aggregated from several social networks. The stats can be featured three separate formats: weekly, monthly, or overall totals. 

This feature gives you real Instagram feed from any point of interest so you can check out the food and the people and decide if the place is Trippin' for you. By matching each POI to its “twin-brother” on Instagram, you can add visuals to your social insights. With “Insta-Trippin’”, you will get honest photos of any place taken from different perspectives by people who have been there before you.